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[IMG]1972 Al Germansky Re..>2012-02-25 17:12 1.5M 
[IMG]1974 Three in German..>2012-02-25 16:06 77K 
[IMG]1976 West Orange Chr..>2012-02-25 17:06 2.9M 
[IMG]1980 Dorns to Duchin..>2012-02-25 17:00 2.2M 
[IMG]1980 Dorns to Duchin..>2012-02-25 17:03 2.9M 
[IMG]19660428 Newark Even..>2012-02-25 16:30 3.0M 
[IMG]19660904 Sunday Star..>2012-02-25 16:27 3.4M 
[IMG]19660914 Matzner Pub..>2012-02-25 16:33 1.6M 
[IMG]19671126 Newark Sund..>2012-02-25 16:56 2.7M 
[IMG]19671126 Newark Sund..>2012-02-25 16:57 781K 
[IMG]19711019 Germansky s..>2012-02-25 17:09 1.8M 
[IMG]Having a real ball w..>2012-02-25 17:20 1.2M 
[IMG]Jerseyans band toget..>2012-02-25 15:57 1.0M 
[IMG]Just the Right Note ..>2012-02-25 16:37 1.0M 
[IMG]Plays In Band.jpeg 2012-02-25 16:00 175K