America Under Attack
World Trade Center Buildings Collapse;
Plane Crashes Into Pentagon
Terrorists smash hijacked planes into New York City's Twin Towers; plane also plows into nation's military nerve center. Call American Airlines at 1-800-245-0999 or United Airlines at 1-800-932-8555 for more information

Plane Crashes Into Pentagon
Nation's military HQ bursts into flames, portion collapses

'We Are Being Hijacked!'
Passenger calls 911 from cell phone aboard doomed United jet

Suspects, Motives Unclear
Taliban: Bin Laden not involved
Small PLO faction: We are

Witnesses Recall WTC Attacks
New Yorkers knocked down by force of explosions, many see and hear debris falling

America Shuts Down in Fear
Airports, trains stations, government offices and businesses close
State-by-State Breakdown of Reaction to Attacks

Military Tightens Security After Terrorist Attacks; Naval Ships Sent to New York, Washington

Four Airliners Seized
Hundreds die in terror as fuel-laden planes crash into targets

Text of President's Statement
Bush: U.S. will 'hunt down and punish those responsible'

Anniversary of Terror
Many attacks, political events have taken place in the month of September

New York City Under Siege
Big Apple residents scramble in the streets; no one able to enter or leave Manhattan

World Horrified by Attacks
Nations watch live TV with terror as planes strike the World Trade Center

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