The Quartet: Vin, Steve, Vin, Bob, Mitch (l to r)
Steve Minzer/piano, Vin Maiolo/bass, Bob Miller/sax, Mitch Germansky/drums,

Our jazz trio regularly performs in northern New Jersey. We enjoy playing at clubs, restaurants, cafes, and private parties (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, cocktail parties). Our repertoire includes a diverse selection of tunes running the gamut from jazz standards to bebop to latin to ballads. Please listen to some music clips.

Please drop us an email to minzerjazz(at) if you would like to book us to play in a public venue or for a private function. Demo tape or CD available upon request.

We are fortunate to feature guest musicians on various gigs:  Bob Miller joins us on alto sax on some gigs. Bob Funesti and others sub on bass for Vin occasionally.

We send email out to folks that wish to know when we're playing.  If you want to be on that list or know a new venue that you'd like to hear us play at, please send us email to minzerjazz(at)

Hope to see you on a gig...
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