My musical ears started developing at birth.  My dad, Al Germansky, was a professional drummer and teacher playing at venues around the globe. He played for Presidents, on records, on TV, with renowned musicians and served as mentor to hundreds of drummers -- a true drummer's drummer.

So, I was surrounded by all sorts of music and was fortunate to start formal lessons with my dad at the age of 6. My love for jazz started early; I studied Bird, Dizzy, Duke, Monk, & Trane while my friends were listening to The Dead and The Beatles. 

My entree into the music business started while I was 8 accompanying my father to the NYC Local 802 musicians' union where music jobs were traded like baseball cards.  In Jr. high school my repertoire grew during my tenure as the band boy for one of the club date bands my father often played with. 

At 15 years old I started teaching drums in the Al Germansky Drum School, at student's homes, and in a music store.  My first professional gig was at the age of 13 with my local garage band (with David Jaffe on bass).  I started playing steady gigs at 16 (thanks mom for driving me around).

I've since played mostly in the NY/NJ metropolitan area with some gigs on the road: weddings, bar mitzvahs, clubs, a few record dates, small ensembles, big bands, shows.

Throughout my K-12 school years I played classical percussion in a variety of orchestras: All City, Regional, NJ Jr. Symphony, All State Bands & Orchestras.  I was the drummer in the first All State College Jazz Band in NJ, etc.

I am actively performing with a variety of musical groups and teaching students: more found here.