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Bush: 'We will win this war'

President Bush talks from the White House with New York Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  

In a conference call with New York Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, President Bush said he would visit New York City Friday to view the devastation from Tuesday's terror attacks.

He told Pataki and Giuliani that America was enveloped in a "quiet anger" and said: "We will win this war." After his phone call, Bush and first lady Laura Bush visited some of the injured and the medical personnel at a Washington hospital.

The president's comments came as airports across the nation reopened and investigators pressed their manhunt for those involved in the hijacking and crashes of four commercial jets on Tuesday -- two that destroyed the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center and a third that slammed into the western wall of the Pentagon in Washington.

Latest developments

• Officials in southwestern Pennsylvania said they have identified and cordoned off a second debris site about 6 to 8 miles away from the crash site of United Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane in Tuesday's terror attack. Cell phone calls from passengers aboard the plane indicated the hijackers may have had a bomb and also that they were planning to try to retake the plane from the terrorists.

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• The Pentagon says that an estimated 190 people died in the Pentagon crash; the highest ranking officer was a three-star army general. The figure included the 64 passengers and crewmembers on the plane.

• Giuliani says that the number of missing in New York has now topped 4,760. The mayor said that 94 bodies have been recovered, 46 of them identified.

• Rescuers in New York are searching for a survivor who contacted authorities via cell phone early Thursday morning. The survivor is believed to be in the basement of the northern World Trade Center tower.

• One of two brothers who had been identified by federal authorities as possible hijackers involved in the terrorist attacks is alive and cooperating with the FBI, sources said. Federal sources initially had identified Adnan Bukhari and Ameer Bukhari as possible hijackers who had boarded one of the planes that originated in Boston. Bukhari's attorney, however, said that Adnan Bukhari was not involved and that Ameer Bukhari died in a small plane crash last year. The attorney said that the brothers' identification had been stolen. (Full story)

• New York authorities fear the building at 1 Liberty Street and the Millennium Hotel could still collapse.

• Authorities shut down New York's Staten Island at 8 a.m. on Thursday to begin a "grid search" for a vehicle.

• Bomb-sniffing dogs were sweeping through the Pentagon Thursday morning as employees at the Washington D.C.-area facility returned to work. (Full story)

• German police said they had detained a male airport worker and have brought in a woman for questioning. (Full story)

• Sheriff's officers in Sebastian County, Arkansas, detained a man who was taken into custody after a massive search by federal agents for a vehicle that they found Wednesday. A jail employee told CNN the FBI told them not to comment for "national security reasons." A spokeswoman at FBI headquarters in Washington said, "We can't comment on that."

• Authorities believe they have found the wheel of one of the planes that crashed into a World Trade Center tower four blocks away from ground zero.

The car was charred in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.  

• Major League Baseball has postponed nearly 50 games. Four golf tournaments have been canceled. Some college football teams will play, some won't, and the NFL was to decide Thursday whether to cancel weekend play. (Full story)

• Network executives have started to comb through their fall fare, hoping to erase anything considered tasteless in light of Tuesday's tragedy, Variety reports. (Full story)

• Diplomats and aid workers are evacuating Afghanistan, fearing reprisal from the United States. (Full story)

• Mortuary personnel at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Thursday afternoon will start receiving bodies of victims killed in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon, officials tell CNN.

• St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center, a trauma center in lower Manhattan, is trying to put together a Web site that lists names of patients injured in the terror attack at the World Trade Center. Officials there say they hope to have it up Thursday.

• Countries around the world are sharing the grief of the United States as it becomes clear that hundreds of their citizens were caught in the terrorist attacks in New York. (Full story)

• Pakistan's military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, has promised full cooperation with the United States in its fight against terrorism. (Full story)

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